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Apply for a Bond Loan

The following information is used to apply for a Bond Loan.
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Your household details

Personal details


What is your name?

  1. Are you known by another name (alias)? *
  2. Gender *
  3. Please select if you identify as
  4. Do you have a Power of Attorney? *
  5. Are your personal affairs managed by the Public Trustee? *
  6. Are you an employee of the Department of Housing and Public Works? *

Contact details

Your contact details

Your current address

Postal address

    • Same as your address

Alternative contact details

Enter the details of someone who we can contact if we have difficulty contacting you.

An alternative contact person is someone we can contact if we cannot get in contact with you. We will only contact this person if needed.

Your identification

What proof of identity document are you providing with your application?

You must attach proof of identity documents to you application before it can be submitted. At least 1 type of document you attach must be from the Primary list of identification. Please select which documents you will attach from the lists below.

From the two (2) documents provided, your full name, signature and date of birth should be obtainable.

  1. * Use a current Primary ID document - Expiry date should not be in the past. If the expiry is a month, please select the last day of that month for the expiry date.

  2. * Use a current Secondary ID document - Expiry date should not be in the past. If the expiry is a month, please select the last day of that month for the expiry date.

Your income and assets

Evidence of income must not be more than 28 days old

Evidence to verify your income

    1. Income verification documents *
    2. Some Other types of income may include:
      • Compensation/Work Cover
      • Scholarship payments
      • Payments for refugees (SRSS - Status Resolution Support Services Payment)
      • Foster Care payments
      • Investment income
      • Child support - Private collect arrangement
    3. (Maximium file size: 10 megabytes. Preferred file types: PDF, Jpeg, GIF, TIFF)
  1. $
  2. $
  3. Do you own or part own any of the following? *

Your residency status

Your property details

Your lease and property details

  1. What type of accomodation are you renting? *
    • (A Moveable Dwelling is a caravan/site or manufactured home. This type of accommodation can be connected to electricity)
    • (A Boarding House is accommodation which may include other services such as power and gas as part of the rent cost)
    • (Aged rental accommodation is accommodation specifically targeted at older persons and may include other services as part of the rent cost)
    • (Supported accommodation provides both accommodation and support to persons with a disability)
  2. $
  3. $
  4. $
  5. $0

Rental Agent/Lessor details

Additional information

Personal information privacy notice

The Department of Housing and Public Works is collecting personal information on this form to assess your eligibility for housing assistance.

This is authorised by the Housing Act 2003. To assist you with your housing needs and services, relevant personal information may, in very limited and specific circumstances, be disclosed to: partner agencies, service providers, agencies authorised by legislative provisions, and local governments and non-governmental agencies that now, or will provide you with housing and/or support services.

Limited personal information may be used for housing related research, policy or planning functions.

Unless authorised or required by law, your personal information will not be passed on to any to any other third party without your consent.

More information about the department's privacy policy is available on our website at


I understand that I will commit an offence and be liable to a penalty under the Housing Act 2003 if I knowingly provide to the Department of Housing and Public Works false or misleading information that may influence decisions about my eligibility for housing services and may make my application invalid.

I also declare that I have read, understood and agree to the terms of the Personal Information Privacy Notice above.

Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Australia (CC BY-ND 3.0)

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